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Who can register a Project Board?

Project Boards© is currently only open to pilot partners who will be able to create custom project maps for their websites by using Project Boards. If you are interested in becoming a pilot partner, please contact us by making us of our contact form. 

How much does it cost and how do I pay?

Nothing. We are currently in our piloting phase and partnering with select professionals at no cost to themselves for this service over a 12 month period.

How long does it take to display my project information?

Once the board listing has been confirmed as successful, the board will be made live on your site within 48 hours or sooner. 

How will map users navigate between the projects listed on my map?

Projects are listed with a dropped pin on their exact location on an embedded map within your site / custom web page. By clicking on the dropped pin, a user will be able to view a window of the project name, address and a link to the project's unique page which displays the project team board as well as information about the project (Description, Type, Start, Completion and a Project Render). Furthermore, site users will be able to perform a search for the project name, or filter by project owners on the left hand section of the map. 

Who is the Map Owner?

The map owner is the Organisation / Company who registers their construction projects on a custom map for the organisation, which will be used either in the form of a dedicated website or embedded on their own website. 

What format must logos be?

Our site accepts PNG, JPEG, JPG and TIFF formats for organisation logos. Logos are limited to a maximum of 1 MB each. It is important to ensure logos are sized correctly in a 2 (horizontal plane) to 1 (vertical plane) ratio with approximately 5 percent 'bleed' (i.e. not used) on each side to fit in the site's standardised dynamic page format. See below example of logo sizing:

Project Owner
Payment & Activation
Logo Format



Square Logos



Vertical Logos



Horizontal Logos

Client Code
Renders 3D

Why include Project Board Renders / Architectural Images?

Project Board Renders / Architectural 3-d images are a great way to add depth and visual appeal to your project board. These renders are displayed at the bottom right hand side of the listing (see Sample Board)

What is the Partner Code and how do I get one?

Once you become a pilot partner with us, you will be issued with a unique partner number that must be used when registering your project boards via our site. 

What are the minimum and maximum number of Project Team Members?

As outlined in the Submission section of our site, a minimum of 4 project team members are required to register a board, and a maximum of 14 project team members are allowed. The reason for this is to sustain a standardized format and visual layout of our boards. 

Why limit the amount of characters in field entries?

Similar to the above section, the limitation imposed on field entries is to ensure a standardized format and visual layout can be maintained. Our site makes use of 'dynamic' pages, which means that each project board's unique page is a template based page populated with user input. To ensure the board layout remains as intended, certain parameters are introduced to ensure consistency. 

How does the QR Code function work and what is the benefit?

A QR code acts as a short cut to your board's unique page accessed by users mobile devices or online. QR codes are generated for every project board and issued to the registrar upon successful registration. We recommend that QR codes are included on physical project boards to allow passers by to gain quick access to your project's digital project board - view the introduction of a QR code on a physical project board here.

QR Codes
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